Sunday, July 29, 2012

week ending 29/07/12

Hi everyone, well after my excitement earlier in the week about PCI we have re-scheduled PCI for this Friday, (Metricon only pay us up until PCI) so fingers crossed by then we have a stove and a dishwasher, and some carpet would be nice! This will just be a quick post as I am typing on my phone as I'm too lazy to get the laptop out of its bag lol, had a big day cleaning the house we are in and other bits and pieces. This week the water tank went in, fly screens on and silicone throughout the house, and the construction manager went through and red stickered the place with a million stickers, the painters were then there on Friday fixing lots of the stickers. He also wrote up a 2 page list of things to be fixed. The balcony balustrade also went on but the build safe thing is still in front of it so I can't really see what it looks like yet. I had another deck/driveway quote on Thursday and the idea struck me to put some timber at the front of the balcony where the tiles are (unexpectedly). I'll come back and update during the week with some pics hopefully!!


  1. Progress, progress! You'll be waking up there before you know it!

  2. Friday, that's THIS week! Look forward to seeing some final shots of the house all clean & sparkling. Good luck for Friday!


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