Saturday, July 14, 2012

week ending 15/07/2012

Still pumping along! this week saw the mirrors on all their required places except the master wardrobe. The biggest disappointment is the stairs didn't go in, the glass company we chose have measured wrong so have cost themselves a lot of money due to the pieces being of custom size, and the top area glass has to be replaced as it has chips in it :-( The other big item (spa bath) I'm looking forward to seeing installed also still isn't in.

The tiles are practically all down bar 3 or 4 tiles at the front door, and for the most part the grouting has been done (Love the tiles!) The powder room is starting to look good, I'm looking forward to how it comes up when clean though! Door handles, towel rails and toilet roll holders are all in, and very shiny too :-) A few more toilets are in their places, I don't know if they are plumbed yet though.

Carpet is supposed to go in on Monday but I will be speaking with SS first thing as the creak in the master bedroom floor still isn't fixed despite SS saying the carpenter was going to fix it this week. They will have to rip up the carpet if they don't fix it!

A question for everyone; Our shower screen doors don't come down to the bottom of the shower, does this mean they are going to put one of those tacky lip things on it, or is it just designed that way? presumably all the water is going to spill out onto the floor?

The exterior balcony powdercoat aluminium balustrade has been delivered, Rick really dislikes it, I can't say I'm all that fussed on it either. It was in one of our cost cutting sprees....maybe we should have tried to find somewhere else to reduce costs, oh well, will see what it looks like when it's in and then maybe change it after hand over, there are DIY balustrade kits that have the aluminium wire that Rick likes so we will see what this one looks like and then decide from there.

I have received a few emails from readers that I haven't replied to yet sorry! I will get there ASAP!

Edit: I can't believe I left out the most important thing! We have a PCI and Handover date, only pencilled in of course, but looking at PCI for the 3rd August and handover on the 10th, I'm not getting too set on those dates just yet though...I will after the floor in the master is fixed, but that is more of a structural problem, I think?, which I really can't forsee being fixed quickly :-(

storage in hallway
Spare Bedroom mirror

Office storage/mirrored wardrobe      Glass temporarily in at top of stairs   

 Powder room taking shape, sorry about the middle photo not being straight!



  1. Wow everything is looking so close Mel! Loving it all come together, fingers crossed for your August dates! We're hoping for similar dates but trying to pull it out of our supervisor is proving difficult! I can't offer any advice on the shower screen lip sorry!

    1. Thanks Em, hopefully we both get our August dates!!

  2. Hi Mel
    Looking awesome!
    Don't think (or didn't realize) that I could select light fittings at the Studio?? Maybe because I didn't meet with the electrical department. I just sorted my lighting with my CSC at contract stage. Anyway where did you get your pendant lights from? Really like them. I have provisions above my island for three pendant lights which I'm yet to purchase.
    Good luck with the floor board problem! Look forward to seeing your glass staircase!

    1. Hi Jo, you can pick light fittings at your electrical appointment but you are limited to the range and price that is offered by Metricon/their supplier - in our case Stratus. We opted for "batten fix" lights in the places that we wanted to put our own lights and then normally our own lights would be fitted after handover, due to our situation we have been able to compromise with the SS on a few things (the light fit off being one of them). I purchased the pendants from here: they have a really big range and are quick with delivery.

  3. There's a fill in piece that goes at the bottom of the shower screen. Maybe fill-in is not the word, it's either a chrome piece or aluminium fill-in. Whoever was supposed to install it, probably measured it incorrectly. Don't worry, you will also get one of those tacky lip things with the rest of us. I think they are removable.

    Even though handover is fast approaching, and the excitement sets in, make sure the house is inspected thoroughly. Don't rush things, even though you might look forward to it, because all builders are known to overlook things just so they can get paid sooner. Report anything and everything, they will have to repair it no matter how big or small.

    1. Oh bummer! Oh well some of the clear ones look Ok I guess. I don't know that they measured wrong as both showers have the exact same gap :-( Yeah we don't have to be out of our current house in a hurry so we will be pointing out everything!!!

  4. So close!

    Hope your dates are pretty close to the estimate.

  5. Looking great Mel!! Was it much extra to get the little feature tiles in the shower set back a little to make the shelf? I really love that idea! Looks great and very practical! That glass balustrade is gorgeous too! Love that! Don't think we will be able to afford that as we have spent so much in other areas on our pricing, but I really love that! Ha ha ha! Yes I wouldn't want to be the one to "test" out whether the toilets are plumbed yet or not! Ha ha ha!


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