Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week ending 01/07/2012 Painting almost complete

The painting is almost finished! apparently they are back to finish up on Monday and then “fit out” will happen for the rest of the week, toilets, baths etc, absolutely can’t wait for that! I wonder if they would notice if I sneaked in somehow over next weekend and tried our new spa bath (presumably it will be installed), oh yeah we don’t have power connected...dammit! oh well hopefully not toooo many more weeks to go. The paint has grown on me, when we are at the house it looks fine but I am still struggling to get a decent photo that doesn’t have a yellow tinge. We are really loving the gloss paint on the doors, it is really shiny and brightens up an otherwise standard door, it wasn’t something we asked for just part of the Metricon inclusion, but it is a nice surprise.

 The splashback does look better with the covers off, and the smidge of green can be seen. Maybe it was just a communication break-down with the studio M consultant about just how green we wanted it....though I did take a sample...oh was pretty much the last thing we picked so who knows. I was at the house in the morning on Friday (the sun was out) and you could see the metallic fleck in the splashback! Yay!

In the weird and wacky, someone has “written” in Japanese Kanji in the dust on our glass sliding bedroom door (like when people write in the dust on cars “wash me”) . I tried taking a photo but the door isn’t quite dirty enough to be able to make out the characters, I wish I knew what it said!!! My year 12 Japanese is quite rusty. And I didn’t see any Japanese painters when I was there on Friday, and as far as I was aware there weren’t any other trades at the house this week. It is probably something boring, like ‘don’t forget to pick up milk on the way home’ lol

We bought a new king size bed & mattress a few weeks back, I can’t wait to be sleeping in it!!! And in other news we have some new family members from the RSPCA.  Meet Yoshi (the black one with green eyes) and Simba (the grey one). The house was just so empty without Ebony I couldn’t wait until we were in the new house, and I would also prefer to train them in our old house with old carpet and old bed, with old linen than the new one! It has been much easier having them around and I have been less focused on the build which has been nice.

Next on my list of things to organize: Curtains! I need suggestions on colours, types, blinds etc? I am anti any blind that has a metal rod  at the bottom that bangs against the window and makes noise every time a breeze comes through. Any suggestions (especially colour scheme) would be much appreciated!!

Have a great week everyone.

don't let their cuteness fool you, we are destructive!
glossy doors

This one with the painter is probably the best picture I have that gives you a true indication of the colour when in the house with the naked eye.

splashback without covers

P.s Sorry to anyone following by email, I changed the title of one of my posts and it put it at the top, which then took me a bit to figure out how to move it back to where it should be!


  1. Looking good Mel - I actually really like the wall colour now - it doesn't look yellow at all, more like a light beige/grey tone. Nice to hear you've got some new kitties! Not long to go now by the sounds of things - yippee!

    1. Thanks Em, yeah that is the colour we thought it would be beige/grey, so looks like it was the undercoat that was shining through early on, and it is just picking it up in photos for some reason.

  2. Looks awesome Mel! Loving the kitchen even more than I already did. I wouldn't stress too much about the walls, they look lovely, plus it sounds like the yellow is coming out more in pictures. It's all coming together so nicely, I think your colour selections have all come out really well together.
    Those kitties look so cute, I bet they'll love running around in the new house!

    1. Thanks Lauren, we were there today and I actually quite like the paint now, I think now that it has all it's coats on it looks like it did in the swatch :-) The kittens are soooo cute, but goodness they get into everything! even the dishwasher! They are certainly keeping me busy! I'm looking forward to seeing the rangehood & stove go in.


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