Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hand me a box of stickers and colour me happy!

Just a really quick update! I received a call from the SS this morning asking if I would like to book in PCI for the 30th July, HELL YES, I would like to do a PCI!!!

 ***EDIT*** Ok so in my excitement of hearing those three little letters 'PCI', I didn't really think about it too much, BUT sadly I have thought of why they want to do PCI so soon, it's because they stop paying us after PCI.....so I am going to talk to the SS in the morning, there is WAY too much left to do by next Monday.

The list of things we have outstanding so far are:
Spa in ensuite still to go in - tiles are being removed and area waterproofed
Carpet - whole house,
Ground to be cleared - bin, porta loo & temp fence removed etc
Heaps of light fittings need to be re-done - the one out the front is water logged, Plenty of paint scuffs and marks.
At least three holes in the walls that need patching/filling
Balcony balustrade to go on, window in ensuite to be replaced with obscure glass
Window sills to be re-sanded & re-painted
One piece of Caesarstone in the kitchen has a mark on it - will need to be replaced
Stove to go in
Water tank to go in
Exterior plumbing pipes to be painted

 I can't imagine that they will be able to get all of that done in 3 days. So I think I got a bit excited over nothing - but never mind - at least we are on the home stretch.


  1. WOOHOO! That's only 6 days away!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's amazing! Has your QA already gone through?

    1. Highly doubt it :-( (I've just added an update on why they want to do PCI)

  3. Nice one! Hope it goes well.

  4. Almost there! Exciting!! :) Hope it all goes ok and not too many follow ups! mali

  5. Just read your update. Not so good. If the penalties don't apply after the PCI date I'd definitely not be agreeing to attend PCI until QA have signed off!

    1. Yeah it dawned on me this arvo, I was trying to figure out why they had brought PCI a week forward.... a bit like the feeling of a big balloon popping really, oh well, still a sign that it's not tooooo far away.


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