Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's all happening

Well things are still chugging along, I would say at a steady jogging pace at the moment. Here's what's happened and about to happen:

Plumbing still not all in but getting there, the plumber was there in the afternoon yesterday and has installed a toilet, a shower and a bath in the main bathroom area, but ensuite yet to be installed *eagerly awaits install of spa*

Air con guys have completed the fit off yesterday :-D

The data guys were there on Saturday and completed the data points, tv & phone points, intercom and ducted vac.

The glass balustrade is going in on Wednesday Yipeee!!

The tiler was supposed to have been there on Monday but is apparently running behind (so not there at all), but SS says he should be finished by Thursday.

The shower screens according the SS were supposed to go in a week and a half ago so presumably they will turn up sometime soon.

I have had our first curtain quote from Lincraft with their stocktake sale prices and with discount it came in at 10K jeepers!!! Ok so I may have picked a couple too many plantation shutters...but even the blockouts were a lot more expensive than I had expected! I budgeted 5k for curtains and blinds so clearly there is a lot of cutting back to do! I have another quote with Curtain wonderland this afternoon. I spent the 8 hours of my night shift yesterday scouring the internet high and low and have come up with a few good options (even started an excel spreadsheet!). I have ordered some samples so will see what we end up with. A couple of the places use the same fabric that Lincraft quoted on but at a much better rate, so hopefully I will be able to get most of what I want but a lot closer to budget! It was good to get an idea of colours and somewhat surprisingly silver seems to go quite well with the colour of the paint etc.

Also arranged last week for the phone & internet to be connected as TPG advise their turn around time is 10-20 business days! Which with a lot of hope and wishful thinking we could even be in in 20 working days!

We have a temporary cheap mailbox that we have attached to the fence with zip ties lol, and received our first real mail! (Rick had to renew his licence and didn't want to go through the hassle of changing the address in a few weeks time). For those interstate...yes QLD transport mail your licence to you!

And now for some pics:

Ducted Vac

Ensuite taps

Laundry taps

Kitchen tap

Air con, intercom and light

Air con

Main bathroom - being checked for leaks

Main bath toilet

Main bath shower 

Ducted vac point (1 of 5)

Ducted Vac dust pan in the kitchen 

B-folds with stain


  1. SO exciting Mel! We've picked a few of the same things - the kitchen dustpan thing (so excited to use it haha!) and the Kocom intercom (it looks much bigger than what I realised it would be?!). Funny how blue the water looks in your bath! Everything is really starting to come together and looking good. I reckon 20 working days is a fair call to be finished - fingers crossed for you!

    1. I too am looking forward to using the dustpan! I'm sure it will wear off in a couple of years though lol. Because we went direct through the data guy I had no idea what intercom we would be getting, I just said we would like a video intercom can you help, so it was a nice surprise, can't wait to have it on an play with it lol. I have no-idea why the water looks so blue!!! It looks blue in person too!! Maybe there is some kind of cling wrap on the bath so it doesn't get scratched? I am secretly hoping for less than 20 days but I still think I might be pipe dreaming!!

  2. Looking fantastic, Mel! Your tapware and shower look very similar to ours. Husband loves the overhead shower.

    In my recent fog I don't know whether I have seen/commented on your kitchen pendants, but they look great.


    1. Thanks M, I love the pendants too! The only thing I have found with my very limited use of overhead showers is they seem to get your hair wet when you don't want it to be, unless you wear a daggy shower cap lol So I am hoping it will grow on me but they are super nice.

  3. If you want, I can give you a name of a place in Brisbane that supply DIY shutter kits. All you need to do is assemble, stain and install. It's very cost effective. There's a video on their site, that gives you a brief instructions on how to put it together.

  4. http://www.shutterkits.com.au/

    1. Thanks Jay Jay!! That's great I will definitely look into it!

  5. Looking good! So exciting to have all of your gadgety things installed!
    I don't know what we are going to do about window coverings. I think we will just be starting with our bedroom and our media room and leaving it at that. In the meantime I have found these things called redi-shades which are actually temporary blinds made of folded cardboard. You just stick them on. Probably ridiculous, but I don't even own enough sheets to even tack those up temporarily, so I figure I may as well get something temporary but a bit more substantial.

    1. It is exciting to start having the pretty and gadget things installed! Priority for curtains is downstairs living area and our main bedroom (being a shift worker I need to sleep in the daytime). I had a quick look at the redi-shades, what a fantastic idea!!!! I think I may get some and then also use them after as extra blockout, I love pitch blackness to sleep. We have a few sheets but I'm not keen on putting a ton of little holes in the walls if I can avoid it. The redi-shades are a great idea!!

  6. I was going to suggest the good old sheet option in the meantime. LOL

    You must be itching to get in there it looks so practically ready. A bit of glass, a bit of spit and polish and you're in.

    Looking good! Oh and I also love your kitchen pendants. We're still trying to figure out what ours will be.

    1. Thanks Mugwa! I bought our pendants from here: http://www.wayfair.com.au/ the website is good for inspiration if nothing else. I wish it was just a bit of spit and polish to go, but we sure are drawing closer! I have forgotten to post about it, but we have a bad creak in the floor of the main bedroom that has been there for ages and so far nothing has been done to fix it despite me asking the SS every other week if it has been fixed...I get the feeling it is not going to be simple to resolve :-( It's been there since well before the gyprock, I have a feeling they are hoping we will just not worry about it but they are wrong! Unfortunately it is in the main thoroughfare of the bedroom and is quite annoying :-( I don't really want to be hearing it every time I walk in the room for the next 20 odd years :-(

  7. I like your ensuite sinks, I personally would have chosen these but the other half said no :(.


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