Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let there be light..UPDATED WITH PICS!!!

We got a call this morning from the sparky's saying "Hi  we're here can you please bring us your lights?" It was just as my husband was leaving the house, and I should have been at work but organized yesterday to have the day off, so luckily we were able to pack them all up in the car and take them straight over. Some notice from our SS would have been nice! but I don't mind too much because by this afternoon our lights will have all been installed!!!! woo hoo!! I'll come back and update this post with pics asap!!!

Update 6:25pm: Yipeeee!!! They are in!! Well the sparky's were still working at 5:30pm! We made a lot of hard work for them with the spa amp being required :-(  None of the lights are on in these photo's it is just the flash on my phone bouncing off. Can't wait to see them on!! And we had some deliveries today! Toilets, taps, bath and spa bath, and everything left plumbing wise woo hoo, looks like they will go in tomorrow!

So glad to see this go in! and look.. is that sparkle I can see? :-D

The pendants look great, even if I do say so myself, they seem so much bigger than in the photo though, but they really separate the kitchen and the dining which is awesome, so happy right now!

One of these is under each of the two cupboards

The paint doesn't look yellow at all, but in some pics my camera is still making it look that way (not this one though :-)
More kitchen - I could just stare at those pendants for hours and I swear they're not even on! This was taken on my husbands phone and the paint doesn't have that yellow tinge :-)

These are the downlights that are throughout the remainder of the house.

Main bath and spa all wrapped up 

LED stair lights

Entry way

Feature light!! We will do the little pieces ourselves as it will take approx 2 hours and it is just a matter of clipping them on but it will be fiddly!

(Just a reminder of what it will look like when complete - well hopefully!)

Heat lamp and spot lights for the mirror

Outdoor room lights

on the pillar

more pillar - forgot to take one of the whole facade


  1. I'm jealous - there's no way they let you supply your own light fittings down here in Melbourne. We're about to pay the additional expense of having our own electrician fit off all our lights now we've had handover.

    Really makes the house look more finished with the light fittings - you must be excited at how complete it's all becoming now!

    1. Yeah we got really lucky there, our first SS said absolutely no, but then our second one that they fired was very carefree and let us do heaps, and then our third has just felt sorry for us I think, and kind of had to go along with some of the stuff our second one had allowed. They talk about the highs and lows of building and I am definitely on a high at the moment! We bought most of it through M,and we are paying the sparky's direct for the install of the lights that aren't through M, and the extra spa point and a few other bits and bobs, and the sparky hasn't told us how much yet!! I don't think I want to know!

  2. Oooh, sparkle, sparkle- the kitchen splashback, and the lights in general! All looks amazing!
    Do you have to supply light bulbs for all of them? We have bought all of our fittings, but no lightbulbs. Some of them came with bulbs, but none of the downlights did. Hoping to delay that until we can find a good bargain deal. I love the LED's by the stairs, it's a really good but functional look, love it!

    1. Thanks Lauren, I'm looking forward to seeing the stair lights on too...well all of them really lol. Our big feature light came with bulbs, all of the metricon ones come with bulbs, The pendants didn't but they just use the standard energy saving ones you get from the supermarket, the heat lamp will have and I can't remember about the spot lights above the mirror, but they are just basic energy saving ones too.

  3. Hi,
    I've been keeping an eye on your blog. Am about to embark on building a Cedar in Adelaide. Almost at contract signing stage so plenty of fun times ahead.

    That feature pendant light above the stairs looks great. Just a couple of questions, how did the sparkies go about installing it at that height? Did they need to use scaffolding and how are you guys going to get up there to complete the fitting and change light bulbs down the track?


  4. Hi Baz congrats on your new house! you definitely do have lots of fun times ahead! I am not sure how the sparkies got the feature light up, a tall ladder should have done the trick. The light fitting and globe changing will be fine, it hangs down to the stair height so we can just reach over, and my husband has long arms anyway lol, the bulbs are all around the part that hangs down(none at the top). Have you guys made many plan changes? Cheers Mel

    1. Hi Mel,

      Thanks for your reply. The reason I was asking about the pendant light was that at my electrical appointment, the girl said M would probably charge me $1000 for scaffolding to install a light at that height...!! So I thought about getting a junction box installed and then get my own sparky to install it but I'm not sure how one gets up there with a ladder on an uneven staircase?

      Main changes we made were ceiling heights of 2700 top and bottom, extension to laundry/powder/dining of 600mm width, extension to pantry/kitchen/living of 600mm width, converted the side outdoor room to become part of the living room, extended garage length by 1000mm and rear bedrooms by the same. Oh, and added an outdoor room to the rear. I think that covers the bulk of it.

      Thanks again

    2. Hahahaha OMG $1000 for scaffolding, she can't be serious!! You wouldn't get scaffolding in there even if you needed it, the space is simply to small. I am sure they just put the bulk of it in through the manhole in the roof and attached it with a ladder, sure its high but not that bad, worst case scenario you could get them to install it while the landing is still in place prior to the stairs going in and get the painters to paint around it instead of painting first and then installing, but i doubt that would really be necessary. Your modifications sound great!!!

  5. Hey, looking great and I hope you are enjoying your house. :) I chose the same pendant light as you from Beacon (multi swirls over your stairs). I am wondering if Metricon had extra beams for you on the ceiling? They keep pushing me to finish my plans when I haven't even heard about my request. Have a good day and look forward to your reply.

  6. First of all i would like to congrats on your new house
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