Friday, February 22, 2013

6 months on - How time flies!!

Yep can you believe it? We have been in our new home 6 months already! So far things have been trucking along pretty well thankfully! I haven't been on Blog sites since my last update, so I am about to go back and catch up on where everyone else is at. As for us, we are about to have our 6 month (and first) maintenance visit next week. The only major* issue we have is with our front balcony, a relatively small section of the paint underneath has gone mouldy and cracked so it appears it is not draining properly, I hope they do something to fix it and not just pain over it! The only other things we have on the list is the microwave power point stopped working a few weeks ago for no apparent reason, and anything else is just very minor that was left over from PCI, all things we could have fixed ourselves if they really bothered us but as we haven't got around to it so I have put them on the list to be rectified. We have completed the landscaping down the side and Rick has built a small shed to put all the garden stuff in. Unfortunately I don't have the finished pics on this laptop so I will put them up in my next post after the maintenance guy has been and gone and include an update on how that went.

Looking at my last post the fence wasn't up then, but was put up a few weeks later, the small trees have started to grow at the front too, but I am having mixed success out the back, we also put in some vege gardens but the grass hoppers are eating EVERYTHING! I have been Googling and trying various home remedies but they are still beating me! It is currently a very costly exercise! We went to Ikea the other week and bought some shelves for Rick's "merchandising room" so he will be able to start unpacking his collectibles (I not dare say toys) and display them, but that is about all that is left to do. I have been baking quite a bit and trying new recipes in our new kitchen, having the space to cook certainly makes it a lot more enjoyable!!!

Finally have the pantry kind of sorted

We had made a small start down the side..but in the meantime the weeds grew!

Delivery of gravel to go under the pavers

More rocks, pavers and dirt for down the side.

This is a progress photo, I still haven't decided  what  shrub trees to plant, I can't make up my mind!!

This is the R2D2 cake I made for Rick's bday

There are blue and white M&M's, Milk bottles for feet and white marshmallows in the body

The house all decked out for Christmas

This is an old photo but gives you some idea of the back

The shed Rick put together on his own