Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week ending 29/04/2012

This week the cladding finally went on, and I don't mind it at all which is a relief. The eaves are all on, and the down pipes are in and that is about the progress for this week. The eave vents were supposed to have been installed on Friday but I haven't had a chance to go to the block and check them out. Neither the eaves, downpipes or cladding have been painted yet, but the cladding is similar to the colour of what it will be anyway.

 I spoke to the CM on Thursday afternoon and he gave me a run down of all of the things that are booked in for the next couple of weeks, I didn't have a pen and paper with me to write them down which I keep forgetting to get before I ring! But I have organised to meet the CM on-site on Tuesday morning, so I will ask him again then and be armed with my pen and paper. Basically it all entails, painting, acid washing, and a few other bits and pieces that did not sound overly exciting.

I think I am going to have to prepare myself for more pull down and re-work of the frame :-( The CM said he has put through 3 lots of paperwork to overturn the current chippies and have another company come and inspect the work that the chippies have done as he is still not happy with it - ugh!!! So no doubt the new chippies will find something to fix, which to me means more delay :'''-(

Almost forgot to mention, the result of the email to the CSC regarding build time guarantee is the Metricon standard is 20 weeks for non  modified floor plans and 30 weeks for modified which is ours and is why it is in the contract for 30.

Here's hoping the rain is only here for the weekend and clears up on Monday and all next week!

I am hoping that white line in the brick work washes up ok! Time will tell.


  1. What a pain about the chippies and now you having to wait, perhaps M should be looking at their contractors work a little more closely before engaging them! House is looking good though, how many weeks since start date now?

  2. Yeah I reckon, though apparently it is pretty tough to get a contract with M so maybe the contractor changed or something, all I know is I am not happy Jan! It has been 16 weeks, now since the 9th of January, when things started moving, our site cut was 23rd Dec 2011 but with with xmas obviously everything stopped (before it had started lol) IMO we should have had site cut/start date as 5th December, I still don't know what the hold up was :-( that's history now though. I am and always have been such an impatient person so am finding this quite challenging. Cheers, Mel

  3. The cladding looks good! It's a pity they can't make a start inside whilst waiting for all these things to be done outside. Just keep reminding yourself that it will be worth it in the end!


    PS: It drives me nuts that even minor modifications constitute an extension of the 'guaranteed build time'.

  4. Hey Mel
    Love the cladding although I could be biased as I have that on my facade as well! What color did you go with? I chose Paperbark. I think it will be similar to yours. Look forward to seeing the finished product!


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