Saturday, May 5, 2012

A step in the right direction 05/05/2012

We have had a step in the right direction this week. On Tuesday when we met the CM we went through what is happening/booked up until the 24th May.  It is really nice to know what to expect when we go to the block. Our CM also advised that our previous SS is no longer employed by M, and that he (CM) would be with us pretty much til the end which we were quite happy about, but we received a letter on Friday advising we have a new CM & SS (and a new CSC, just don't have the letter yet). So fingers crossed the new ones are efficient!!!

This weeks progress included; eaves, downpipes & cladding painted,  new chippies who fixed a lot of things and took the back door out again for the millionth* time, finished the insulation (properly), they also put a number of noggins in for us. The Front door and Bi-fold timber doors glazed, windows "cleaned" aka mortar off, & top floor bricks cleaned. 

After expressing our bitter disappointment with our incredibly slow build time I was able to convince our CM (& have signed a variation) to have something included Rick & I both really wanted, we are going to do it external to M (due to cost) and were going to have it done after hand over but they are now going to let us do it during construction, which is awesome!!!! I won't go into detail just I am still getting quotes...but to say I am excited is an understatement!!!!! (just not so excited by the $'s though) (and it's not the driveway). 

The weather has been so kind to us this week, especially when the forecast was rain, so this weekend we are putting a clear glaze over the top storey bricks that have been acid washed (unofficially Ok'd) Here are the pics, what do you think? We are going back tomorrow to do a second coat on the front. 

Next week:
Scaffolding comes down!! yay!! Our brickie called us on Friday to say he has found some really nice granite type pavers to do the very top of the front balcony pillars with, so looking forward to seeing what they look like, he is very excited about them lol. Balcony fall guard will go up, and bin cleaned/removed (4 day week in Brisbane due to public holiday Monday).

And then wait for it........wait.......wait.....the following week (12th) they will start inside!!!!

Glaze on - in the sun

This was when I had done an extra coat on the bricks to the left but not yet on the right

This sunset keeps teasing me!! How I just want to sit  (on a chair) and watch it go down.

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