Saturday, May 26, 2012

No more ladder!!! week ending 27/05/2012

We have stairs we have stairs we have stairs, did I mention there are stairs?

Early in the week the outdoor room guttering and roof were put on but nothing internal, then on Thursday the stairs went in as scheduled, and Friday the architraves and doors were started, finally some solid progress :-D

One of the main things that we reeeally wanted in our new home was a glass balustrade for the stairs as we had seen in the Burleigh display at Northlakes, but when the price came back from Metricon in the contract at $5660 we baulked and tried and tried but could not get them to budge on the cost. So after our delayed build I spoke with our CM a few weeks ago and explained that the number of weeks that we are over where we could be will cost us X amount of dollars in lost rental income and how we could have used that to pay for our glass balustrade hint hint. So he kindly agreed to let us either a) use Metricon and do a no fee variation but he couldn't change their price we would still pay $5660 or b) he would allow us to use our own contractor, so 7 Google pages and 15 quotes later we are getting our glass balustrade!!! The only downside is they had already made the stairs, our CM was able to convince the stair company to use the timber balustrade somewhere else (and give us a credit), but they would not budge on the newel posts, so we figured oh well removing 2 posts is a lot easier than a whole balustrade! Anyway so the stairs have arrived and we have asked again about the 2 timber posts because they are really not going to go with a glass balustrade and stainless hand rail. I spoke to the stair company and they are claiming that the posts are part of the structural integrity and wont remove them blah blah blah, so we have reached an agreement of cutting them at the base and just leaving their bases in tact. Neither the glass balustrade guy or our carpenter come SS can see why, they are just added on it is crazy, but anyway this is where it has stopped, which will be fine at least there wont be timber posts, and hopefully people will be looking up at our feature light and not down at the little bit of timber that isn't perfectly shaped at the bottom of the stairs.

Next week should bring wet area's being sealed, upstairs doors and architraves being put on, and maybe some cabinets, possibly even a delivery of tiles, but I certainly wont be holding my breath on that one!

Bigger architrave due to wall tiles


  1. Excitement plus! How weird are the stair people's issues? There always has to be something!! Great news that you're getting the glass balustrade, though - awesome!


  2. I know it is so weird isn't it! They are saying that the "stringers" are attached apparently, SS said to call and ask if they can come out and change it etc. (Which would give them more money) and nope, wouldn't even consider it. But even though they are saying they are attached you really can't see how, it is very odd, but oh well at the end of the day we are getting something that was on our 'really want' list that we were very unhappy about crossing off, so all in all very pleased!!!

  3. Metricon quoted us $14455 for glass balustrade!!! We decided against it!

  4. Although your house seemed unfinished yet, I must say that it could be beautiful as I imagined. And those stairs would look lovelier if you install some glass balustrade. This won’t only keep you safe, but could make your interior look more spacious.

    Tiffany Larsen


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