Monday, May 14, 2012

Gyprocked in a day 15/05/2012

Rockin around the Gyp today, gonna gyp gyp til there's no daylight

Ok so maybe I have gone a little mad.....don't be surprised if I come back and edit that later lol

I couldn't wait til next weeked, we have walls!! The whole house has been done in one day.

Panorama Lounge/dining/kitchen


Entry niche


Top of the stairs niche - no idea what to do with this space, suggestions welcome

upstairs hallway



  1. Yip yah, from zero to hero in a day. What fantastic progress, Mel!!!


  2. Good to see it starting to pick up! Looking good, I bet you get a real feel for what it's like inside now!

  3. Thanks ladies, it does feel so much better with walls, it is great to get a real feel for the size of things. An even nicer surprise this afternoon was that our original construction manager stopped in, so it is nice to know even though he is no longer our CM he is still taking a keen interest in making sure things are going to his plan.

  4. Hey Mel, completely off topic but did you know your house is on display in Brisbane now? We went out to the new display centre at rochedale this afternoon (46 houses and all beautiful!) and they had the cedar 32! Very nice!

  5. Oh wow!! Thanks Em no I didn't know that! Think I might have to take a trip to Rochedale!! Bummer it wasn't on display when we were looking, might have made a few more design changes looking back at it now, but I am sure the little things wont bother me much when we get in :-)

  6. So jealous! LOL

    You must be so happy with that bit of progress.


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