Sunday, May 13, 2012

Looking all spick and span 13/05/2012

This week consisted of scaffolding down Yippee! Bottom storey bricks cleaned, site clean, bin clean, gyprock delivered and a few bits and pieces of carpentry done (external bedroom door now locks).

A few outstanding items, the patio pillar bricks haven't been cleaned, a brick above the garage needs replacing, there are a few spots that really need some extra acid washing.

Very excited of what next week will bring, gyprock on the walls!! 5 months since site start and we are finally starting on the internals. Haven't met our new SS yet, but he has fixed the bedroom door issue and called with an update on Friday and has suggested to meet us when we can, and seems nice enough, so fingers crossed things keep moving.  Also very happy that the pile of left over rubbish from the site scrape and some of next doors rubbish they couldn't get out because our scaffolding was in the way, and just random tree rubbish has all been removed, I thought we were going to get stuck with the cost of removing it.  I have also received quotes back for our next big purchase and have been able to find someone that will supply & install for what I wanted/expect to pay, $2k under what M wanted. Can't wait!!

That's about it, here are a few photos of our naked house :-)

Bi-fold stained

Top storey has clear glaze bottom storey not yet....that will be on next weekends agenda


  1. Looking great, Mel! How exciting to see the delivery of the gyprock.


  2. Thanks M, I was starting to wonder if it was ever going to happen! If you had told the 15 year old me that one day you would be super excited to see some gyprock I think I would have just laughed!

  3. How strange is it that now most of the external things are done, that we have been having the most glorious of dry weather recently.

  4. It's looking fantastic, like a real house now! Loving the facade.


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