Saturday, April 14, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race?? 13/04/2012

Slow and steady wins the race??

Another slllloooowwww week at the block, the brickies still haven't finished and going by the dates on my photos we are 4 weeks now :-( Nothing happening interior wise this week at all - full stop. Apparently the construction  manager was there during the week and made the brickie re-do around the front door as the mortar spacing wasn't perfect, we hadn't noticed at all!! even looking at the photo's I still can't pick it. The rain is back again too grrr, it is just the front and back pillars to go brick wise, which had it not rained all day Friday they probably would have finished. So hopefully next week the cladding and acid wash will be done! and something internal....anything internal really will make me happy, just not more pulling things apart and re-doing the same thing!

It is sooo great to see the facade bricks almost complete!! We can finally get an idea of what the house will look like, and I am very happy! A little bit nervous about the cladding, it was part of the original design and we didn't change it because we thought the brick might be a bit too dark and the cladding would break it up, but I love the bricks so much, I'm not so sure now.....

The brickie acid washed the windows to get the mortar off them, some of the acid wash went onto the bricks so now we can see at least a little bit of how they will look. The brickie is not doing the acid wash, apparently our fussy CM has some expert acid wash people who will come and do it.

Fingers crossed for a flurry of action next week!

This weeks pics:

 The little hole is a man hole out to the roof of the verandah (it looks smaller in the pic than what it is).

Sunset on the windows - my favourite pic so far :-)


  1. Lovely last pic!
    "you'll be in before you know it" lol

  2. hahaha very funny Cam & Kirsten, very funny.

    For those not following, I mentioned how the phrase "you'll be in before you know it" is driving me bonkers, it seems to be very similar to "when are you getting married" and then "when are you having babies".

  3. wow everything is coming together! The bricks you have chosen sets the house of with such a lovely touch. Either way, cladding or no cladding, i quite like the brick look! Although, I'd say the cladding will give a gorgeous new appeal you'll fall in love with.

    Looking forward to seeing the bricks acid washed, it'll give me a little idea of how my bricks may turn out - I think your's are a little darker than ours.

    My site supervisor is having the bricks start today and the plasterboard stage starts on Monday to speed things up. It's absoloutely flown through now but i'm expecting this to slow down once we're at lock-up stage.

    The last photo with the sunset on the windows looks gorgeous. The way the sun falls is exactly the same as yours with the sunrising from the rear of the house and falling to the front. We tried to take into account the house design with the sunrise and fall to allow for adequate lighting etc.

    Hope all continues to go well.


  4. Thanks Adrian, despite our snail pace we are really happy with how the house is looking, I didn't think we would use the front balcony much but it will be nice to have a drink and watch the sun go down. That's awesome they are starting your bricks! I was so happy when they finally started ours and even better that they can do the plaster board too!

    Yeah you are right I think the nougat was the next shade along, hopefully our acid wash happens in the next week and we can see what they will look like :-)

    Hope yours continues to pump along, I shall be keeping up to date with your blog.


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