Monday, April 9, 2012

Now that's dedication! 08/04/2012

On Easter Saturday I met my mum and sister at "the block" to show them through (first time mum had seen it) and to our surprise (and delight) our brickie was there! wooo hoo!! He was re-doing the areas that they had knocked down to fix parts of the frame that were incorrect. Apart from the back bi-fold door there was also a section outside the laundry that they had knocked the bricks out to add in another beam/ support joist. It seems our CM is quite particular, which is nice, but it means more plumbing pipes cut, our poor vacuum guy is going to have to come back and re-do the joins and pipes for a third time! so fingers crossed they have it right this time! They have also replaced the wall lining in the garage that had been taken down so the brickies could do their thing without taking down the neighbours fence. So although we have had more delays I am somewhat a happy camper at the moment.

And now you see them again (this time evenly spaced!)


  1. I noticed this too - I went out to my empty plot of land to see the progress of what else is being built out there, and to my surprise there were at least six adjacent lots on the next street with brickies going flat stick - with three different builders.

  2. I have found that most brickies have been similar. Ours were really diligent even with the summer heat...maybe the slab of beer we gave them may have persuaded them a little :)


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