Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Movement at the station 04/04/2012

Well after what seemed like a long delay at the platform, things are moving again! In a nutshell here is what has been happening:

·         The Bi-fold door has been removed (along with a few rows of bricks) and re-fitted so that it is now the same width on both sides and the space between it and the windows match. We picked this up the other week but never got the chance to say anything and M have sorted it out themselves which is good.
·         We have insulation both upstairs and downstairs, however they have put insulation over the spot in the garage where the wrapping hasn't been replaced. (I briefly spoke to SS this arvo who said he will sort it out).
·         We  Rick realised the ensuite bathroom window is clear glass when it is meant to be obscure glass Duh! Not sure why we didn’t pick that up a month or two ago!!
·         The top storey bricks are being done and may even be finished tomorrow before Easter, yipeee!  Update: No brickies today 05/04/2012 :-( 
·         Our SS has been out of action for 10 or so days, I didn’t ask, but I think his medical issues may be a bit more serious as apparently now our new SS is going to be our CM, so our CM will be our first point of call from now on, not sure how I feel about that yet?..
·         They have been cutting pipes (plumbing & ducted vac etc) all over the place so I have no idea what is going on there! Will hopefully meet the CM at some point and find out.
·         We met our new neighbours for the second time yesterday, they are so lovely! Can’t wait to have new neighbours! They should be in their place in 4 weeks! Half their luck!

and now for some pics :-)

Now you see them:

Now you don't:

Outside the main bedroom balcony:

This bit will have cladding in "evening haze" (cream colour) the same as the garage doors

Bricks, bricks and more bricks


Looking forward to having a fence in and some trees, so our view won't be of next doors rainwater tank!


  1. Haha we had the issue with our bathroom and toilet windows. They were supplied clear. I don't think anyone ever brought the topic up. We've lived with it, and we don't care. Someone would have to go to extreme lengths if they want to perve on us. Not much too see anyway, first they would have to get past the fog mist on the shower screens before they see something.

  2. Hi Jay, oh good! glad we weren't the only ones! Our ensuite looks straight into a young girl's (maybe 5?) room, it's only a small window anyway and not directly in front of the shower but I wouldn't like to scar her for life with seeing all my flabby wobbly bits. To meet council approval we are supposed to put up those exterior screen things that go over the windows on that side of the house, but M said to do it after handover, so will see what eventuates there...I was planning on having an internal shutter blind anyway.


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