Thursday, March 22, 2012

Win, Win Win 22/03/2012

Weekly update ending 25/03/2012

I figure I may as well write the weekly update today, given that nothing is going to happen between now and Sunday, other than some scaffolding may or may not be dropped off, and I might pop in over the weekend and do another clean up. The window and door sills have lots of mud and mortar in them etc.

The major win this week was internal, I met with the ducted vacuum guy (Michael) on Tuesday morning, (who is also the data, telephone & tv guy). When I spoke to the SS about getting the telephone point moved he advised to speak with him (and also in relation to the dustpan). We are now a little poorer but we will have 5 data points (previously none), a telephone point where it should be, an extra telephone point that we had somehow had forgotten to put in (which means we can now get foxtel), and a full audio/video intercom, and my dustpan thingo, he has done all the rough in work for it, so happy! I am really happy with the price, he discounted everything for paying cash, effectively there is no labour costs. Apparently he is pretty close with the SS so all is ok in respect to that (no variations to be signed or anything), sooo lucky we have a flexible SS! The reason we didn't get any of it in the first place was the cost directly through M, so it has saved us at least $1500 or more had we gone direct, not a small amount of money.

Our SS called me!!! I know really, he called me, he said he is off work today and tomorrow due to some medical things but was calling to give me an update; scaffolding to be dropped off Friday or Monday and top floor of bricks to start and then depending on rain they will get the gyprock etc moving after that, and just saying that as soon as that is done things will be moving much quicker, and (jokingly) to stop spoiling his tradies, we have been buying beers, dropping off muffins, coffees etc. throughout the build, he said himself they better be doing a bloody good job....don't worry SS we are thinking the same thing!!!

I am looking forward to seeing the white mortar actually dry! So I can really see how it will look. I am definitely keen to put a clear glaze over the bricks after hand over, they are looking a bit dull I think (I still like them though), and especially after seeing  M's Blog feature bricks.

The weather forecast is mostly fine with a shower or two for next week, so cross your fingers for me that it's just mostly fine!

Here is the brick work progress to date:


  1. Thanks for the mention, Mel! Your bricks are looking great, and the SS is right, things will move so much faster once you get to lock-up.

    You just reminded, I forgot to take beer to the brickies when they finished yesterday (they got some last week, though). None left in the house as our tradies have drunk it all!!!!

    Fingers crossed this rain eases soon, getting very over it!


  2. Hi Mel,
    Thanks for following my blog. Yes this rain is crazy. I too look forward to watching your house and than garden come together
    Pen x

  3. The builders are supposed to acid wash your bricks after it's all laid. Then you will have a better finish.

    Dropping off beer? I hope you've been doing this at the end of the day. If you find that things are crooked, then you know why. Does your SS allow this? It's against to law to consume alcohol on a building site. They could actually lose their license and then nothing will get done. I just hope they do it in-cog-nito.

  4. Hi Jay, yeah we know about the acid wash, which will lighten the brick even more so with the glaze it should come up a bit darker and more sleek. From reading other blogs and on forums etc, dropping off a few beers every so often is pretty standard, but yes it has been at the very end of the day :-)


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