Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week ending 11/03/2012

Another week, some more rain, and nothing much happening visually at all!

The highlight of the week was Friday morning, literally as we were leaving to go up north to Bundaberg the SS called and said he was with the brickies at the block and they were wanting to confirm our choice of joint Flush mortar and a couple of other things, so the timing worked out well and we stopped in and saw them. They had done up 4 bricks one with ironed joint and the other flush, and I have to say the ironed did look better, Rick agreed so we have decided to change it and go with ironed. The other change is we are now having white mortar for the whole house, we originally had decided to go with white for the facade and outdoor room which was $1200 or it would have $2400 for the whole house, due to budget constraints we just went with the $1200, but the brickies have been kind enough and suggested we go with white the whole way around and just pay them $600 direct, so I am super excited about that!! So glad that we won't have half and half, I was hoping the sides of the house would be out of view and tucked between the neighbours, but it hasn't really worked out that way.

So after what feels like another week of not much happening...we will have bricks next week!! woohoo! only downside is we are on a working holiday up north and don't get back til Thursday evening. (Rick is working, I'm tagging along for the ride). The brickie has also kindly offered (without me even asking) to mms me some pics of the bricks while we are away, yippee!

I did get to speak to the sparky this week and he is happy to put our Non Metricon lights in when they do the fit out at the end which is awesome, can't wait to see our beautiful lights installed! 

The Friday meet at the block was good, we actually spent 15 mins with our SS for the first time and had a convo longer than 3 sentences so feeling a lot better about things at the moment, and he is happy for us to run some speaker wire from the lounge to the outdoor room, so that is nice. They are going to put some road base down the side of the block this week as the constant clay/mud/moat is just too hard to work with.

My sister who was house sitting over the weekend stopped in today and our bi fold door is finally in! It is the only photo I have for you this week. I should have lots next week when the bricks are done :-D

Hope everyone has a good week, I'll be hitting up the shopping mecca that is Bundaberg, Hervey bay, Gympie & Maryborough lol

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  1. You've had some good wins this week. Lets hope your good luck stays! :)


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