Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week ending 04/03/2012

Well not much happening this week at all!!!! Quite frustrating really.

We went today to grab a few piccies and found we have our first house guest...

 I think this might be what the boys have been doing this week!

Unfortunately I couldn't pat it, we have a cat (baby) of our own so didn't want to encourage one of the neighbours cats to get too compfy.

Nothing changed here, just figured I'd add a photo of the windows, I wished they opened                               more, there is a fantastic breeze through there.

One thing they did do this week (that the Construction manager picked up) was that the window frame on your right  had been put together wrong when the frame was built. So the boys had to take it out and fix the frame and put it back again.


The third window in the main bed is in....well sort of, another build design fault with the frame apparently. Only one side of the window is in, the other side is still leaning against the wall* so I don't know what is wrong there...Ensuite window still not in 3 weeks since it was delivered, obviously another frame problem or window itself is the wrong size.

The Air Con guys (who we sourced external to M) came out on Friday and did the "rough in" so we will see what complaints our SS can come up with on Monday...

I took these pics lying on the ground looking up :-)

Third window in...sort of..

Side view

I will give it to Metricon they do a complete sweep (as in clean & tidy up) every week, where as next doors place has mud through it all the time (not that I have been sticky beaking ;-)....but it would be nice if things could be done a bit quicker over at our place! I keep telling myself they are fixing all the imperfections which will be better in the long run....

Next door have bricks right around the bottom floor and cladding or whatever it is around the top floor and plasterboard in the internals....I am jealous!!!! just when I thought we were jumping ahead, never mind.

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  1. Hi Mel, great to see things are moving for you guys and Im glad you popped over the visit our blog earlier today :)

    Looking forward to seeing progress!


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