Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crickets....chirp chirp 30/03/2012

Crickets, nothing but crickets this week!! The scaffolding went up on Monday, but as for the rest of the week, nada, zip, zero, zilch. I was very patient and waited until Friday morning to call the SS, when I spoke to him very briefly he advised he had been off work sick all week (including last Thurs & Fri) and it was his first morning back and he was about to go into a meeting and find out what had been happening while he was away as apparently the CM was looking after his jobs.....he advised he would call me back with an update later during the day, but by 3:30 no phone call so I called and left a message but did not receive any phone call back :-( The most disappointing thing about it all is the weather!! It has been perfect!!! clear sunny skies all week, the first time since we started building.

Last weekend we bought our new letter box, some numbers for it and also the ensuite bathroom mirror lights. We went to Masters for the first time, which was great, very helpful staff there in comparison to Bunnings, however their range of letterboxes wasn't as extensive as Bunnings, so we ended up going to Bunnings on Saturday and then back to Masters on Sunday to get the numbers we liked for the letterbox and also found out they supply full deck kits. So we gave them the measurements of our future deck and they were able to price it on the spot with the timber we selected and we can just order it when we are ready and they can deliver it, fantastic!!!  I will update with a pic of the letterbox and lights later but here are some pics of our lovely scaffolding and SUN!!

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  1. How annoying! There is nothing worse than a dormant build, and even more so in the sunshine.

    Hopefully things will be better next week.



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