Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We have Bricks!!!! 14/03/2012

Mid week update

We have some bricks!!! I don’t exactly know how many, but the brickie sent me a photo early this morning, loving it so far!  Can’t wait to see them over the whole house. Apparently it has been raining all day in Bris today and the forecast is more rain tomorrow, so I doubt much more will have been done.
Well it’s been 6 days since we have seen our house and I am itching to see what it looks like! We come back to Brisbane tomorrow Yay!!

I haven’t spent much time on there yet, but was reading on the Homeone forum which prompted me to look at our electrical plan again, and Oh O, we put the telephone point in the middle of the wall.......I thought it was at the end of the bench but it turns out there is a wall there...which means the phone point is in the middle of the wall on the wrong side of the bench! As is an extra power point that clearly won’t need to go there...I sent a text message to the sparky earlier this morning (who hasn't replied) so I rung the SS this afternoon who promptly returned my call (a bit of a surprise as sometimes it can take a couple of days for him to call back) so I let him know Do Not gyprock as we kinda stuffed up!!! All good though, crisis averted, I just wish I had have stumbled on the forum before we started building or signed a contract etc. Sooo many good tips on there. Obviously the lady at Stratus who was with us during the electrical appointment didn't see the wall there either. We will likely make a few other electrical changes after re-visiting this plan.

Whilst speaking with the SS he said the ducted vacuum guy (Michael) had called him and all is ok to go ahead with getting the dustpan thing put in, Michael was supposed to email me with a price...but that hasn’t happened so I have no idea how much this thing is going to cost....fingers crossed it’s not exorbitant! The dustpan thing is basically a flap in the floor/wall that you can sweep straight into and the ducted vacuum sucks it up, it’s for lazy people like me who can’t be bothered getting the dustpan and brush out. 

I'll come back and post some more brick pics when I get them :-)

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  1. Wow! That dustpan thing is great isn't it. Your bricks are looking good, you will be surprised how quickly they go up!


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