Sunday, February 26, 2012

Windows and doors 18/02/2012

Windows and doors have arrived

The windows and doors have been delivered and some of them in, but this last week really seems to have come to a bit of a stand still. The vacuum guys have been (after I pointed out to the SS that this might be a good idea!!!) We are having fun with the air con NOT. We are doing the ducted air con externally to Metricon to save a few thousand dollars, but it turns out they are not (in our case) very welcoming or accommodating  to external contractors and have been making things difficult, which is resulting in a bit of angst and me being in the middle trying to keep the peace. But never mind, hopefully it will be sorted soon one way or another.

We were out shopping and bought a new clock so decided to stop in at "the block" and check that it would fit right in the space we figured it would go.

Tinted glass at the front, still one more window to go in on the right....not sure why it isn't in, it is just sitting upstairs along with the ensuite window which isn't in either. I am a shift worker so we have gone with tinted glass in the front, the rest of the windows are regular clear glass.

Front Door

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