Sunday, February 26, 2012

Got Slab 20/01/2012

Getting Started Slab Down!!

Well what felt like months (and it was!) in the second week of January 2012 after the xmas break we finally got things underway, Slab was down late January, much to our delight, there was actually something to see when we went to the block :-)
Metricon have done screw piering due to the very "clayey"? soil (H1 I think is the term) So our site costs are pretty high but I would much prefer to pay extra now than have cracks and movement beyond repair later.
In our current townhouse I have been fighting with the builders and BSA for 8 years and only in the last
two or so months has it sort of been resolved....I am waiting for more mould to appear to see if it is still leaking, I know for fact some water is still getting in but it is now a slight dribble when it pours as opposed to a flowing stream coming into our bedroom and laundry/garage. So lesson learned do what you can now to save heartache and headaches which can really be migraines later!

Why we received an early delivery of bricks I have no idea!

Free moat! lots of localized flooding in Brisbane, thankfully when they are finished building we will have lots of yard gully's and the water will flow away from the house when they put the dirt back around the edges so  it doesn't pool and actually have somewhere to go.

Just to give you an idea of how much rain we had here are a couple of pics of one of the roads at Toombul

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