Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Metricon Cedar in Brisbane - Overview

Hmm where to start! Well we are building for the first time, and have chosen Metricon Cedar 32 with a slightly modified floor plan making it Cedar 34. I am a bit late starting the blog and have never blogged before but will give it a shot, please be patient if things don't end up where they should! 

We signed the contract on the block of land 450sq in inner north Brisbane on 19/08/11 and settled on the 27/09/11.
The block was originally 1 house which the owners purchased, removed the house and completely cleared the block and then sold the two blocks separately. We chose the one next to the newer house and also because of the street number as it happened to be Rick's favourite number so we took that as a sign, not that I/we are really into that, but it seemed appropriate. 

Some of the pics throughout our blog you will see the house next door being built too, they started a few weeks before us but we seem to be catching up :-) It is also handy/interesting for us to see what is coming/what to expect next.
So far we have had a change of SS and about 5 or 6 different CSC's. I don't mind changing CSC's so much, but our first SS seemed really good our current one as at 26/02/12 which started just after the slab went down we are not keen on at all!!! Communication is bare minimum at best, our first experience was abysmal, might go into that another time. But what can you do :-( 

I am more than happy to answer any questions about pricing/process/Metricon experience etc. The one thing we struggled with early on and the first few months is getting pricing from Metricon is like extracting teeth, and I think with dental advances these days and Ricks experience extracting teeth is easier!! 
We really really needed to know pricing for everything as we had spent more on the land than we had originally planned but were able to get something closer to the city so that was the trade off, but we were also cutting it very fine to be eligible for the QLD govt 10K building boost grant. so every dollar and therefore every choice mattered a LOT! 

The above photo is the 'Vogue' facade which is what we are having but with the 'Plantation' balcony


  1. I really like this housing design, recently completed a display home in Rochedale Estates. We are looking to build this house there, but are currently doing research on Metricon and doesn't seem like people are particularly happy building with M.

    If you could would you be able to give me some reviews on this?

    We would also love to know the price of this house, as the estates land is quite pricey. If you are able to provide me with more details of pricing it would be great!

    Thank you,

    C and V

  2. Hi C & V I have sent a reply to your email :-)

  3. Hi Mel - my partner and I are just looking into building a Metricon Cedar in Brisbane. How was/has your experience been with Metricon? We feel somewhat pressured at the moment as the prices go up on 4 June apparently and we haven't signed our land contract yet so it seems silly to sign a building contract without having a block of land but they are trying to get us locked in I suppose. How is the pricing? Would be great to know as we are like you, we've offered quite a bit more than we had hoped to and Metricon haven't been too forthcoming regarding prices etc, and obviously we need to know this to make sure we have enough! Anyway, good luck, look forward to hearing from you! Rachel.

  4. Hi Rachel, I have sent you an email :-)

  5. Ben - jackinbeats@gmail.comJuly 18, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    Hi Mel. Wondering if I'd be able an idea what this cost you? We're in the early stages of seeing what building will cost and this is a house that would fit the block we're looking at. My email address is thank you!

  6. Hi Mel,

    We are now at frame stage ourselves with the Cedar 32 (Melbourne)! Very exciting times! We were just wondering whether you guys paid for a private building inspector to go over the stages? We are a bit confused as to what to do here! Any recommendations??

    Thanks, Thil & Clay

  7. Hi guys, congrats! Frame stage is great (when it doesn't last too long lol) We probably should have engaged an independent inspector given the troubles we had had, but we put our faith in the construction manager at the time and didn't get one. We have been in for a little bit now and so far so good, I am sure the independent inspector would have found things to rectify, we just didn't want to spend the $'s. It is a tough one!!!!

  8. Thanks Mel. Yes, the frame went up in the last few weeks which has been great and the weather has been not too temperamental! Yes given that they will give a little peace of mind, we were considering getting one before handover. It is hard when there is so much to spend $ on elsewhere too!! Glad you have settled into the new Cedar and everything is good. Must be such a great feeling to come home to...Looking forward to more pictures and updates :)


  9. Around $400,000 should get you close to finishing the cedat 32.

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