Monday, June 11, 2012

Tiling has commenced - week ending 10/06/2012

More progress this week, sooo glad to finally be moving forward at a steady pace! I haven't had a chance to bring up the leaky door with the SS yet, though I think it may be a design flaw given that the gutter appears to be doing it's thing correctly, so I have no-idea what they will come up with to rectify it!  Or maybe it is just because there is no lip thing at the bottom of the door?

We are quite happy with the job the tilers have done so far, someone from QA has been through and green stickered a few things throughout the house including a couple of spots on the tiles but we cannot figure out what on earth could be wrong, but anyway good to see the quality control continues. I also briefly met a QA person who had come out very early in the morning to check the work in the kitchen, and left his report on the cupboard so I took a quick squiz and all was good so that is nice to know.

Apparently the painting starts on Tuesday and continues for the next couple of weeks. So fingers crossed our paint turns out Ok! It is a beige type colour, Dulux Grand Piano half, it is one of those things I am second guessing and given that it is on every wall of the house, I am really hoping it looks good!

 We have received our fixing invoice from Metricon, so there can't be too many invoices left after that surely, as there is hardly much left to pay in the contract! The main floor tiles won't be done for awhile to save them getting scratched.

I haven't asked for a completion date yet, but will ask this week if I can remember, as everyone keeps asking us. I am working on the theory of it will be done, when it's done.....ideally the last week in July... but that is just based on the CM's previous comments, but things can change so who really knows.

We were invited to our new next door neighbours house warming on the weekend and had a great time! It is sooo nice to have great neighbours, considering the horrible ones we have where we are now, absolutely can't wait to move out.

And now for some piccies 

This is the main floor tile 500x500 throughout the house - upstairs is carpet though

Powder room taking shape, the wrap around mirrors are not in yet

ensuite shower

close up of shower niche - will definitely clear glaze this and maybe even put a glass cover over it to help keep it clean

ensuite - it seems so odd to me that they put tiles where you wont see them anyway  due to the mirror

ensuite bath


ensuite again - the lighting is a bit odd in this one

ensuite shower before the grout was done

main/guest bathroom

'smart' tiles


  1. Looking fantabulous, Mel! And so great to have nice neighbours! I came home last night to find my bin at the kerb, ready for collection - for me, it doesn't get much better than that.

    The end of July will be here before you know it. It's amazing how quickly you can go from 'slow going' to a nearly done house!!


  2. Hey Mel. Looks like you and I are at the same stage in our build! My tiles were started last week as well. I have also been given a last week in July completion date by M so looks like we will both be popping champagne bottles at the same time also! Tiles are looking great by the way. It's exciting to see the last few things taking shape! I am a bit confused by something though! Have they not done the interior painting yet? M completed my interior painting before tiling... perhaps they just do things differently in Brissy! :-)

  3. Nope not a lick of paint in our place yet, it's just the wet areas that have been tiled. I think you will still beat me if you have paint up already and sounds like you have more tiles down too :-( Fingers crossed for synchronized champagne popping!

  4. I don't think the paint looks yellow at all Mel, I think it is a nice warm colour actually, photos never come out the same as in real life. And I think the splashback is fine! I like the sparkle in it! In the photo, I can't see the green tinge, but it still looks lovely anyway! Not bland at all, nice and shiny! It does seem a waste to tile behind the mirrors, I wonder why they do that? You would think there would be a reason, but I can't think of one! :) Taking shape and looking fabulous, I hope we get to build one too!

  5. I only wanted to say one thing that now It really looks awesome!

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