Monday, September 3, 2012

Unbalanced washing machine on spin cycle

Hi everyone, first up apologies for the long delay between posts!! As the title suggests things have been a bit crazy for us, and the best way I could sum it up was what it might feel like to be in an unbalanced washing machine on spin cycle.

It is 3:49am so apologies if my grammar is not at it's best! (I am on night shift)

We have FINALLY finished the old house and have had a tenant move in last week, what a freakin mission! I still have a few outstanding things to do like get a depreciation report etc. but the bulk of it is done, and we will even have some rent coming in soon! Yippeee!

We are still loving our new house! It is fantastic to be there! The list of things to do is a bit daunting but I have to keep telling myself Rome wasn't built in a day, one thing at a time blah blah.  

We have still had people coming and going finalising/fixing things etc, our SS called me the other day and said the engineers report had come back and they need to fill more down the side of the house, I could have told them it wasn't going to drain for free! Anyway so it meant moving a heap of stuff and a bunch of guys wheelbarrow dirt/sandy/crushed rock down the side of the house, it looks a million times better! I know that wasn't what the aim was, but rather than broken bits of brick and construction material we now have a path of what the kittens think is a giant strip of kitty litter.

Our new bed has not yet arrived :-( We did however also buy a new couch which should hopefully be delivered this week with any luck. I am itching to go shopping for decorative things to finish off some of the rooms, but cannot find the time, very frustrating!

The pictures sort of speak for themselves so I will come back and update with bits and pieces regarding service from various providers, colours etc when I am less tired. I can't believe my little blog has over 10,000 clicks now, thanks to everyone for reading!
Extra fill put in after handover (we did say to SS a  number of times before the tank went it that it would be a lot easier to fix it now than later...). I have since "packed" it all down by stamping on it, and sat a few pot-plants on top in effort to prevent it just washing away, and yep we need a new fence!


My little planting project - be prepared for the long haul if you plan on using pebbles/rocks, moving them is a biatch!!

Not finished yet, I still need some more pebbles and some edging etc. The plants are just cheapies I got off Gumtree, they will do for now until I change my mind later. 
Decks are not yet stained, we have to keep watering them for 4-6 weeks before they can be stained. 

Sooo good!


  1. Wow Mel, you guys have been busy. The deck is looking beautiful!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Yep things sure have been hectic, but we seemed to have settled down a bit now thanks goodness!

  2. I can't believe how finished everything looks - particularly in the decking & planting areas! I never thought to look on gumtree for plants - good tip for some cheapies!


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