Thursday, August 16, 2012

1 week on since handover

Wow what a crazy crazy week it has been, I only just realized it has actually been a whole week! so here's what has been happening:

The removalists came on Friday morning, and even though we had brought 8 car loads over the night before it still took 3 removalists plus Rick, Mum and I, four hours to move all our "big" stuff, what a mission!

As organized by SS the door/window people came and replaced the glass in the ensuite on Monday and added a screen door to the laundry that had been forgotten.

The deck guys started on Monday and have finished the front porch and are now almost finished the back, it looks awesome but I'm sorry I don't have photos yet!!! We will be doing the staining ourselves to save a few $'s.

The driveway guys are arriving at 6:45 tomorrow to clear the big mound of dirt out the back that has been there since site cut and also do all the form work for the driveway and spa slab and then pour on Saturday, YAY!! We ended up deciding to go with exposed agg after all, I/we just couldn't pick one colour to have the driveway.

Still waiting on the blinds to be delivered so we have sexy sheets up at the moment, I think the blinds are probably another week away and some even a bit longer than that as I received an email today advising they had run out and were expecting a shipment on the 17/08/12.

There was a mix up with our new bed, they realized the day before they delivered it that they had ordered the wrong colour, so instead have delivered our mattress and lent us an ensemble base until ours arrives in a couple of weeks. Doesn't bother us, but annoying for them given it had been sitting in their warehouse for 2 months while they waited for us to have handover.

The antenna guy is coming tomorrow too so we can get some t.v happening, not that we have had time for it anyway!

And it has been all systems go at our old house trying to get it ready to be rented out, ugh I hate going there! I just want to be here and unpack!! We have new carpet going in on Wednesday (we were hoping it might be salvageable with a clean, but no :-( lots of cleaning and painting, and a new external door, we have been there for 10 years so things had been let go a bit unfortunately, but it has prompted us to make a date in the calendar to have someone come and clean windows etc in our new house, I am even going to include it in the weekly budget, I don't like the thought of our beautiful new house being all dirty in a year or so.

We are absolutely loving our new home, it is so fantastic to finally be here! I cooked our first roast last night and the oven is awesome! we also finally made time to use the ensuite spa, it was very much needed after 6 days of moving and aching backs and feet etc. As far as the building side of it goes, we haven't found much that needs fixing that wasn't picked up at PCI . The only "problem" we have is that the hot water doesn't get hot enough and it takes ages to warm up, I'm talking half to 3/4 a bucket full of water before it gets warm. I know these continuous gas hot water things are supposed to be energy saving but it seems to counteract it if it is water wasting?? We asked our next door neighbours who said they don't have the same problem, I think theirs has 24 written on it and ours says 17* don't quote me on those numbers but there is a bit of a difference. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Rick has been busy putting together a few things we had bought for the new house, being some bar stools, and an office desk, and  a cat "tree" for our boys. Rick also hung up all the pieces for our feature light, it looks amazing!!! my phone photo's really do not do it justice (it is too bright with it on) so you will have to wait until I get a chance to get the proper camera out....wherever that may be....

I'll be back soon with some driveway and deck photos :-)


  1. Lol, just a few minutes ago I commented on your last post, excitedly waiting for an update, and here it is.

  2. Yay (now that I've read the whole post), I'm so very happy for you guys. It's so wonderful that you are finally in your beautiful new home. Sounds like you've had a very busy week! So, so happy for you! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! xo

    1. Thanks Lauren! We are so happy too!! I have to keep pinching myself that it is actually for real! No more driving to "the block". It is great to finally be living here, I think even our neighbours got tired of us visiting all the time.

  3. I totally get you on not wanting to go back to the old house. I always feel like that and get Husband to clean the old place while I get all excited and organised in the new one!!

    I look forward to seeing some more photos. Everything sounds wonderful!


    1. Thanks M! unfortunately I could not do that to him, there is just sooooooo much to do there :-( I was originally planning to get someone in to clean, but then mum spent 1 whole day cleaning, but turns out there is still quite a lot to go. The problem we had was that we had so much stuff that there was nowhere to put it even if I did want to clean out a wardrobe or the garage etc. We both still get emotional with the loss of Ebony there, and I find it really hard to be there alone, so the sooner we can be done with it the better! The other problem is, money being spent on cleaning etc means less money to spend decorating!!

  4. When we moved into our house, we had problems with the hotwater system. I'm guessing you have the same model as us, which is the standard. The problem with us is that, we couldn't have a warm shower. Each time we choose half way on the mixer, a minute later the hot would cut out, and the shower would turn cold. After being in the house for 12months, we've managed to solve the problem of having slightly hotter showers than we would generally be used to. We asked a service guy to come around and check the settings. It all had to do with flow and temperature.

    Oh yes, it does take some time to warm up, as it has to purge the cold water that is already in the pipe.

    The Rheem guy said that the builder has pretty much bought the cheapest unit. Which is suprising as I though Metricon was a quality builder, why can't they spend a little bit more on a better unit.

  5. We have the same issues with the hot water. You can't have it on half way or it just keeps fluctuating between hot and cold. I found if I have it on full then it maintains a consistent temperature. Also can't have two people in the house having a shower at the same time - fluctuates temperature and drop in pressure. The further away the tap is from the hot water unit the longer it takes for the hot water to reach it so yes, it does waste a lot of water. This last symptom isn't specific to the brand of hot water system however, as I had a Rinnai Infinity in my last place and had the same issue. With plastic pipes and no lagging these days, the hot water in the pipe gets cold straight away so there's no heat retention of the existing water in the pipes. The only solution is to purchase a second hot water system and install nearer to the taps that have to travel the furthest distance I guess!

    The drop in pressure the plumber told me is due to the small pipes they use these days :(

  6. So excited for you guys - it must be an awesome feeling! Sounds like you have had one busy week and it will continue that way for a little while still! Can't wait to see some photos of the house set up and deck etc. The boys look like they're loving their new house & tree too! Congratulations .. hooray!

  7. We are just about to start building the Cedar in Melbourne. Would love to see some finished pics of the house!


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